Marketing Strategy

Printing a brochure or producing a video can be helpful resources for promoting a program, but to really make progress toward your goals, it’s important to have a plan that focuses on getting the right information to the right people at the right time. That’s where marketing comes in.

If you need to recruit students, emphasize branding or increase reputation, our team provides marketing support to the entire university. Working in partnership with Undergraduate admissions, Graduate School and ECU Online, as well as partners from across the university, we employ a wide-range of marketing strategies and tactics to assist you in meeting university goals.

Marketing and communications plans

Influencing the opinions or decisions of a target audience is more often the result of a process than a single activity. From simple campaigns to complex communications plans, we can work with you to develop targeted marketing solutions.

Multichannel Advertising

The university uses a wide range of advertising – digital, print, outdoor, TV and more – to support student recruitment and other goals. University regulations require that all off-campus advertising be coordinated and approved by our office.

Creative Briefs

Complex creative projects often benefit from a more thorough review of a project’s focus, its audience and the desired outcomes. A creative brief is a guided discussion with you and your team that will help consolidate this information to guide marketing and creative projects.

Market research

Some plans and projects require a deeper understanding of your audience or competitive environment. We can assist you in working with a vendor or on-campus resources to develop market research to guide decisions and measure progress.

Special projects

The nature of our work often finds us engaging with new techniques and technologies in support of student recruitment and marketing. We are always open to exploring new opportunities that might help the university reach its goals and objectives.


Video can be a very compelling and engaging way to tell your story and reach your audience. Our video team works with you through the entire production process from concept and script development all the way through your final distribution medium.

PLEASE NOTE: All video project requests will begin with a series of questions designed to determine strategic need, distribution and appropriateness of the medium.