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ECU News Services

Distributing news, photography, videos and emergency information to the news media and campus community/alumni through the ECU website, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, email, East magazine and many other printed and electronic pieces.

For the news media – You’ll find campus news, features, statements on issues, photography and video clips on this website. You should contact the News Services staff for help in connecting with subject matter experts, interviews with university leaders or campus visits involving photography and video. You’ll save significant time with our help navigating the campus and its many resources.

For campus colleagues – You’ll always find us interested in newsworthy developments in your department or your noteworthy academic achievements. Don’t hesitate to contact your assigned communications specialist or the director of News Services. We’re also available for coaching before media interviews. And when a video makes sense, we have the talent on board.

East Magazine

For ECU alumni and all those who bleed purple…


ECU Now is the source for news important to the campus community.

Pirate Profiles

Every Pirate has a story, and many of them end up on Pirate Profiles…